• meeting at 10.15 am at Idalp at sector A
  • Beginners practice area (beginner)
  • Introduction
  • Schuss
  • Snowplough
  • Turns


  • meeting at Idalp at 10.15 am in sector B
  • Turns
  • Using the ski lift
  • Sliding on the edges
  • Alpin skiing techniques
  • Carving basics


  • meeting at 09.45 am at Idalp in sector C
  • Carving basic
  • Use of ski poles
  • Parallel skiing long turns
  • Parallel skiing short turns
  • Carving long turns
  • Carving short turns


  • meeting at 09.45 am at Idalp in sector D
  • Carving short turns
  • Race carving long turns
  • Race carving short turns
  • Off-slope (sleep slopes, humped slopes, powder snow, freeride)
  • Speed & Competition (racing, ski cross, fun carving, demo & formation)
  • Trends (New School, kickers and air, pipe, slides and rails)
  • Alternative snow sports (Nordic and telemark, fun and trend sport equipment)

Skill levels group ski courses